A brief history of the Order of St John

The Order of St John of Jerusalem was founded in the late eleventh century to care for the growing number of pilgrims making the long and dangerous journey to the Holy Land.

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1947 – 2022

In March 1945, three Scottish Knights of the Order met in Glasgow and decided that it was time for the Order to resume work in Scotland.

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Founded as Scotland was emerging from the Second World War, the Priory of Scotland of the Order of St John was established to help the sick and vulnerable, and provide services not yet readily available on the fledgling NHS.

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Serving Scotland's people

As fundraising efforts continued, St John Scotland began to put its hard-earned funds towards good causes that served older and vulnerable people across Scotland.

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Volunteer led services

In addition to fundraising and delivering its own services, and supporting local initiatives and charities, over the past twenty-five years St John Scotland has developed four core volunteer-led core services, all aimed at saving lives.

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Favourite memories and hopes for the future

St John Scotland members and volunteers have also spent time reflecting on their experiences within the organisation, as shared throughout this project.

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